About Me

In my personal life I am all about experiences. I value memories and moments over money and material items, there is nothing like flying down the side of a mountain on a snowboard or standing in a sea of Sounders fans when a goal is scored.

I like to meet new people, try new things and go on new adventures. Broadening my horizons whenever possible is a major influence on how I spend my days.

The enjoyment I find when doing all these new things is easily translated into my professional life. When I am faced with a tough coding challenge and solve it, there is pure excitement running through my veins.

Not many people have a job that tests their creative and technical skills everyday. My goal is to be a well rounded individual that can contribute at any phase of a project. Some of the areas I’ve worked in are:

Being faced with new challenges and experiences, rising to meet them, and excelling are some of the things I find most rewarding in life. I make sure to always push myself to become a better person in both my personal and professional life.