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Tools used: Jade, Stylus, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

For select large projects at Design Commission we created case studies detailing the work and solutions we provided to clients. Using technologies like Jade & Stylus I had the opportunity to get creative with the two case studies I worked on: Gimlet Media & The Manifest App. My intention was to create case study pages that reflected the projects themselves, both in terms of style and the feeling of the application.

Manifest App Case Study

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For The Manifest App case study I wanted to convey the light feeling of the app itself. As a health & wellness app it is important to be clean and functional with a little bit of hook to keep users engaged.

I think the case study is successful in getting that feeling across and it even allowed me to stretch my creative legs with the twinkling graphic elements.

Gimlet Media Case Study

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For the Gimlet Media case study I wanted to really highlight process and custom technology that went in to building out the website for this podcast network.

The site really pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved with a CMS and allowed for the client to be self sufficient in publishing their content.