Whose Turn?

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Tools used: React.js, CSS, Firebase

Objective: Build a prototype for an app that tracks whose turn it is!

Solution: Whose Turn?

For this project I wanted to explore using React.js and Firebase (a real time data store). To help me keep track of things I often forgot about. For example: Who is buying the next round of drinks? Whose turn is it to fill up the gas tank? Whose turn is it to take the dog for a walk?

I had been hoping to have an opportunity to learn React from another developer but when that never came to be I decided I’d learn it on my own. After following a number of videos and tutorials online it eventually started clicking and I was able to build this simple prototype. In the process I was also able to learn how to use Firebase and be able to update stored data in real time in the app.

This simple project has inspired me to keep learning and move this into React Native and start learning how to make mobile applications.